PowerForce Clutch

The PowerForce clutch utilizes a patented technology that offers drivers increased clutch performance without increasing clutch pedal effort.

  • Powerstroke and Cummins Applications
  • Patented Lever Assist Technology
  • Organic or Ceramic Friction
  • Complete Kits with Solid Mass Flywheel
  • Made in the USA

NexGen Clutch

The Nexgen clutch was designed to increase the consistency, tuneability, and longevity of the ever increasing demand for long style applications.

  • Aluminum
  • 3 or 6 Lever
  • Integrated Thrust/Wear Pads
  • Segmented Heat Shields
  • Adjustable Lever Height
  • Cooling Fins
  • Made in the USA

Borg & Beck Clutch

Ace offers it’s 10.5″ Borg & Beck clutch for pulling, street, and V8 motorcycle applications.

  • Long style centrifugal levers
  • 1, 2, or 3 Disc applications
  • Steel formed cover
  • Ductile pressure plate
  • Tunable
  • Made in the USA