Circle Track

Ace’s circle track clutches are the ideal light-weight racing clutch.  These clutches are offered in a 5.5” or 7.25” set up.  The 5.5” clutch is extremely light, weighing as little as 8.1 pounds in its 2-disc format, and can hold up to 750 lb-ft in its 3-disc format.  The 7.25” is a trusted favorite with road racing and circle track drivers.  It can weigh as little as 11.8 pounds in its single disc format and can hold up to 900 lb-ft in its 3 disc format.  Both the 5.5” clutches and the 7.25” clutches use Ace’s proprietary ceramic friction discs which are purpose designed and built for light weight and durability.  These multidimensional clutches are the ideal choice for hardcore racing on the pavement, dirt, or any other surface you can race on!

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