Street performance

Ace’s line of street car clutches is designed for great performance while also being driver friendly.  These clutches feature POWERFORCE technology, which is a direct descendant of the technology used in Ace’s 6.25” NHRA Pro Stock clutch.  This technology is specifically designed to give you 15% more torque capacity at peak torque RPM.  This allows our customers to have a clutch that can handle incredible torque without the typical trade off of a stiff pedal.  The use of POWERFORCE technology started with diesel pickup clutches, but has now been adapted in Ace’s new line of street car clutches.  Made with aircraft grade billet aluminum, these street car clutches are one of the lightest and strongest on the market.  Keeping the driver in mind Ace uses sprung hub discs that make engagement easier and increase the life of the mating parts.  This, combined with Ace’s proprietary friction, gives these clutches amazing drivability while also holding extreme torque!

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