Drag Racing

Imagine revving 1,600 horsepower up to 7,000 RPM, dumping the clutch, and shifting gears at 11,000+ RPM!  Ace’s slipper clutches are purpose designed and built for drag racing.  These are made to slip under conditions that would destroy inferior clutches, yet still lock up and engage when necessary.  Ace offers these clutches in various sizes ranging from the dominating 6.25” clutch for Pro Stock all the way up to 9”.  They are made with the best materials including aerospace grade aluminum and titanium for perfect combination of lightweight strength and stability.  With almost an infinite number of settings, these clutches are made for maximum performance, versatility, durability, easy service, and consistency.  These clutches also use Ace’s proprietary iron based friction materials and are offered in many different compounds to suit your needs.  Ace Racing’s sintered iron discs have long been the choice of champions among the Professional and Sportsman ranks of drag racing and other motorsports.

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