History of Ace

Ace Manufacturing was formed in 1958 as a division of Cottrill-Wideman of St. Louis. At this time, they were the country’s largest heavy duty clutch rebuilder. Originally called Ace Grinding, it’s sole purpose was to grind clutch pressure plates.

In 1966, Ace Grinding bought Sauter Machine Company and folded their pressure plate manufacturing into Ace, giving Ace both grinding and production capabilities.

In 1967 Carl Ijames and associates acquired Ace Grinding. The name was changed to Ace Manufacturing & Parts Company.

By 1979, with 27 employees and occupying 18,000 square feet in North Florissant in St. Louis, the company was bursting at the seems. It found a new home in Sullivan Missouri, moving into a new 42,000 square foot facility at 950 Franklin St. Eighteen employees left the city and moved with the company.

By 1982, Carl Ijames and family were the sole owners of Ace with 55 full time employees.

In 1991, Ace moved into a 118,000 square foot facility at 300 Ramsey St. in Sullivan. Ace now employs over 100 skilled employees.

In 1992, Ace produced its first racing clutch disc for drag racing and street cars.

Over the years, Ace has become a leader in the heavy duty clutch market and is now one of the largest in the industry. Ace owns several patents and is looked upon as one of the leaders in the industry. Production methods have changed from hand operated grinders to CNC machine centers. A constant flow of new products has expanded the company in the marketplaces of both heavy duty and racing.